Tal Walton’s brilliantly luminous paintings are structured with a logical and even spiritual geometry which he believes composes our universe. Walton believes in the Platonic teaching that all ideas came from a larger place. This concept of different spheres of existence, of past and present and future, represents itself visually in each piece with the division of the scene into three parts. The middle and clearest section represents the viewer in the present, while the adjacent sections are darker and more cloudy, conveying the feeling of variant memories and realities.  Recognizing that each individual brings their own experience into the interpretation of art, Walton embraces the collective and universal qualities of landscape that speak to us all. Working in a complex process involving materials like gold leaf, ground marble, resin, oils and sometimes more than twenty glazes, Walton’s paintings are both reverent and ethereal.

Tal Walton was born in 1965.  He attended Brigham Young University receiving a bachelor’s degree in painting and sculpture.