Kenna Moser’s works in encaustic and beeswax echo her lifelong interests of exploring nature and collecting.  Her work is multifaceted, as she begins the art process scouting stamp collector shows and antique stores for her vintage texts and letters that become the basis for her collage elements.  The letters reference the written word and each collage of text becomes a new narrative from the original story that through time has been forgotten.  She is drawn to objects that have a past and to the history of the art making itself, which includes her materials wood, beeswax and oil paint.  Her work is intertwined with her life. Images are gathered from trees, ferns and feathers found in the woods and stream behind her studio or gleaned from her garden.  The resulting paintings speak to a personal relationship with the written word and the natural environment where the intersection of her process and of nature have come together in her paintings and formed a visual language.