Interested in unexpected juxtapositions, Kathy Jones sets up a dialogue between her color relationships which pulsate and buzz with energy, and her subjects themselves which are quite restful and still. Her figures are often seen suspended in a moment of waiting or transition that challenges the viewer to bring their own narration into each painting. As you might guess by looking at her work, Kathy Jones was born in California. She was educated at Stanford University, where she studied drawing and printmaking. After graduation, she spent time in Cairo, Egypt teaching art and science. Following her successful career in academics, Kathy returned to California with a wealth of information, experience and wisdom to contribute to her paintings which she began to invest in full-time. Jones is influenced by the Bay Area Figurative painters, and by the work of Edward Hopper and Fairfield Porter. The artist sets herself apart through her beautifully textured surfaces in which she manipulates every layer of paint until each contributes to the exotic blend of radiant color.