Deloss Webber’s connection to his art begins first with his deep connection to the environment.  His sculptural works sometimes conceptual, sometimes abstract, are always immediate reminders of the beauty that is inherent in the natural world.  Webber collects rocks of varying sizes and types choosing each one for its individual color, texture and markings.  He then adds to the stone’s character by manipulating its surface and enhances it further by intricately weaving it in fibers such as cane, bamboo and reed. The fiber fits so seamlessly onto the body of the stone that it seems to have always been there.   The language of the stone and the fiber thus becomes one.

Webber has had an ongoing interest in Japanese basketry.  He learned rattan weaving from his mother while growing up in Northern Africa and Spain, and throughout his life has found constant nourishment in cultures and places beyond his own boundaries.