Bill Braun’s paintings are impressive feats of hyper-realism. At first glance what appears to be the ingredients for a child’s art project of crumpled craft paper, masking tape, staples and cut out construction paper, in reality is a tight and precise implementation of acrylic paint on canvas. The end result is a brilliant execution of  trompe l’oeil painting.

Trompe l’oeil (French for “to deceive the eye”), is a type of painting by which various techniques persuade the viewer that he or she is looking at three-dimensional objects, rather than objects or scenes that are actually painted on a two-dimensional plane. Braun’s work is an unusual example of trompe l’oeil. His straightforward landscapes or still lives take on a playful quality in part due to the brilliant color palette, but also from his childlike compositions and subjects. For over 25 years, Bill Braun has honed his technique of distinctive trompe l’oeil painting and has enjoyed extraordinary success not only in the Northwest, but in art environments all over the world.