Anne Siems

Celebrated for her ethereal figures immersed in serene Arcadian environs, Anne Siems paints with an eloquence and mastery that is a testament to her range as an artist.

In her latest work, there now emerges raw abstract expressionism.  Rife with the full spectrum of the human experience, visages of youth meld with patterns that overlay, obscure, and interweave, and are quieting despite their pedantic repetition.  Reminiscent of weaving, stitching, and macramé these abstractions evoke an ancient alphabet or code.  Ongoing revelations include: abstract surfaces, realistic faces and delicate lines that move into a whole.

Anne Siems was born in Berlin.  She spent several formative years in Buenos Aires, and later attended the University of the South in Tennessee.  Upon completing her MFA at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Siems moved to Seattle.  Anne Siems work has been shown in a myriad of solo exhibitions and her work can be found in collections spanning the globe.